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Employing home movies, photographs and her artwork, the narrator comes to grips with the physical, sexual and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her religion-fixated father while growing up in rural Australia. The film documents her running away, her incarceration in a Magdalene Laundry, her world travels and her return home to confront her past at her father's deathbed.


Assembled from old 8 mm family films, and photography and art by the film maker, and

George Auzans,

Roger Ricco,

Tokya Dammond,

Henry Hagerty,

Wiley Lucero

Ginger Chih,

Bahman Karimnia and

Michael Belenky.

Written, directed and narrated by

Rachael Romero.

Music by Charles Gross.





a 22 minute film by Rachael Romero


"Spellbinding...haunting and remarkably courageous."--writes TL of Full Frame Film Festival


“Extraordinary in its synthesis of rage and compassion…” --Lucy Lippard


" A well-shot, fine-looking, disturbing narrative film"

--the New Haven Advocate


In the Shadow of Eden, premiered at the Yale Center for British Art in September 2003 where it won a Short Film Prize at Film Fest New Haven. Since then has screened at the Cleveland International Film Festival, The Santa Fe Film Festival,and Moondance (where it won the Spirit Award for short doc,) Boulder, CO and The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina where, with the help of The New York Times and a board that includes Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Ken Burns, and Barbara Kopple it was among six shorts chosen from over 100 ground-breaking documentaries Available now on DVD – FULL FRAME DOCUMENTARY SHORTS, VOLUME 4 the best of the fest. It will premiere in Australia for the opening of INSIDE: Life in Children's Institutions at The Australian National Museum in Canberra fall 2011.

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New York Times Critic's Pick.  

In the Shadow of Eden, 2004

In The Shadow of Eden



In the Shadow of Eden by Rachael Romero

22minutes Available from Docurama Films on




youtu.be/ZPfU5lpMfhA Inside-film-screening_01_e-card-26