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ANTI-WW3 Internationalist Arts Festivals: mail art from 45 countries

INTERNATIONAL HOTEL: housing as a basic right

FOOD issues and BOYCOTT's

WOMEN's Issues

Fight for the International Hotel ANTI WW3&Parsons by Rachael Romero SFPB_2 Internationalist Art Festival benefit, by Rachael Internationalist Art, nyc designed by Rachael Rome ANTI WW3arizona ANTI-WW3sf by Rachael Romero

The artist Rachael Romero, used various media--posters, and billboards, appropriating media images to subvert given assumptions.

To get several colors in one printing she introduced the single-process-color-blend in stone lithography known as "split fountain" to the offset printers, Inkworks, who printed the editions.

I Hotel Night designed by Rachael Romero SFPB I Hotel nestle by RR

Liberation and Human Rights

IRAN_2 chile delmonte US GRAIN ARSENAL, WOB 1975 artist Rachael Romero SFPB poster (c) Rachael RomeroAll rights Reserved4 SFPB poster (c) Rachael RomeroAll rights Reserved4 I Hotel 2 Casa de los Madres by Rachael Romero

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Inclusive Community

Stop Forced Drugging by Rachael Romero, SFPB

Mary Mother Jones, The Mother, La Casa de las Madres, Stop Forced Sterilization, designed copyright by Rachael Romero

Press Press Press Press Press Victory by RR harlen

Hunts Point  Tenants for Action and Harlen County people for I Hotel.     Photos by Rachael Romero StopSterilization sepiaAAA17x22 300c RachaelRomero I Hotel tenant picnic after eviction I Hotel banner at the Smithsonian

A banner in the Smithsonian's Capitol Gallery incorporating an I Hotel Poster travelled the country as part of :

I Want the Wide American Earth:An Asian Pacific American Story.

Health is a Human Right

September 28, 2013 - January 3, 2014


Opened on Smithsonian magazine’s Museum Day Live, Health is a Human Right examines some historic challenges of the past 120 years in achieving health equity for all in the US. We know that “race and place” are as important as personal choices in achieving our full potential. Low-income people, communities of color, and other vulnerable populations face significant inequities in opportunity. This can lead to inequities of health, along the lines of race, ethnicity, income and education levels.


NOW at Georgia State University Library

StopSterilization sepiaAAA17x22 300c RachaelRomero

Posters recently rerepresented, and currently in EXHIBITS  

The Mother by Rachael RomeroSFPB Kearney I-Hotel 21x16 Picture 2 When Tyranny is law cc Rachael Romeroc78 SFPB poster (c) Rachael RomeroAll rights Reserved4589 SFPB poster (c) Rachael RomeroAll rights Reserved4 nestle by RR

Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism, a travelling exhibit by

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Center

for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG)

Posters addressing Ethical Medical Care as a Human Right

1%in 1978 Stop Forced Drugging by Rachael Romero, SFPB StopSterilization sepiaAAA17x22 300c RachaelRomero END psychiatric Abuse..75 I HOTEL NIGHT by Rachael Romero SFPB

Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion.

New-York Historical Society

Museum & Library

Vand A brochure with RR image AntiWW3 NYC 1981 Pluckem


KURD by RR Fight for the International Hotel


Get with the Action at SFMOMA

Political Posters from the 1960s to Now

September 16, 2017–Spring 2018


Collage SFPB BE the CHANGE 14x17 8bit Rachael Romeroc77 BOycoot the Corp