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San Francisco Poster Brigade Archive



ANTI-WW3 Internationalist Arts Festivals

“This is working art, posters for the streets, for placards, for demonstrations. Sometimes these posters don’t just reflect reality, but have served, as Bertholt Brecht exhorted, as hammers with which to shape reality. These images are calls to action for struggles that have sometimes escalated into battles, and that have sometimes even changed the relations of power. The International Hotel posters by the SF Poster Brigade...—come to mind. They are testament to a moment in history that altered people’s perceptions of housing and development struggles in San Francisco..." Review of Inkworks book

by Fernando Martí,

LEFT TURN, Published on: Nov 01, 2007

INTERNATIONAL HOTEL fight against injustice

FOOD issues and BOYCOTT's

WOMEN's Issues

Fight for the International Hotel nestle by RR

"...Fashion Moda, Colab and the San Francisco Poster Brigade mixing original work of avant guarde artists with images  from the popular

and political. cultures, using bright colors, raw lettering, and anti-institutional installation techniques..."


Art Matters: how the culture wars changed America

Page 40 1999; Ault, Wallis, Weems, Yenawine

The widespread publicity led to the launch of the boycott in Minneapolis, USA, by the Infant Formula Action Coalition (INFACT) and this boycott soon spread to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. In May 1978, the US Senate held a public hearing into the promotion of breast milk substitutes in developing countries and joined calls for a Marketing Code. In 1979, WHO and UNICEF hosted an international meeting that called for the development of an international code of marketing, as well as action on other fronts to improve infant and early child feeding practices.


ALERT: Nestles now is the largest bottler of water!

Nestles now is the largest bottler of water



"...Another prominent figure in this history is Rachael Romero...who co-founded the San Francisco Poster Brigade..."p 293,  The Power of Feminist Art by Norma Brude, Mary Garr


Mother Jones Jul-Aug 1993Vol. 18. No 4

-72 pages..."As these emerged in the 1970's, the San Francisco Poster Brigade worked to unify the poster-making community..."

SFPB capricorn asunder by Rachael Romero


The Ant-WW3 show contained art  from 45 countries mailed to the SFPB. The exhibit travelled the country and sparked a series of festivals, 1980-1982

ANTI-WW3@Parsons, NYC, 1980(c) r.romero

Exhibit of International mail art from 45 countries at Parsons School of Design, 1981


Picture 18 StopSterilization sepiaAAA17x22 300c RachaelRomero

Poster printed in El Tecolote, The Mission, San Francisco 1977

and review

Street posting of I-Hotel  images by Rachael Romer