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San Francisco Poster Brigade Archival Posters


These posters were designed by Rachael Romero with the belief that art is not a commodity but a door to transformation of self and society.

They are among hundreds of designs posted publicly by the San Francisco Poster Brigade and supporters 1975-1982.

Romero was cofounder of SFPB (formerly the Wilfred Owen Brigade) and the principal artist.

Limited number of a few archival posters available

One unique complete collection extant

Copyright Rachael Romero, SFPB,  1975-82  All Rights Reserved

for information about the collection; permission; rights: contact [email protected]

for information about the Archive and poster collections; permissions and rights contact : [email protected]

http://sfposterbrigade.org/ Fight for the International Hotel_by Rachael Romero SFPB Stop Forced Sterilization  RachaelRomero SFPB 09_1025-00087 Picture 7 Boycott Nestle poster designed by Rachael Romero, SFPB chile HRsmall AZANIA by Rachael Romero copyright 1979  SFPB Posters, All Rights Reserveddesigned by Rach  SFPB Posters, All Rights Reserveddesigned by Rach  SFPB Posters, All Rights Reserveddesigned by Rach Genocide by Rachael Romero SFPB ANTI WW3&Parsons by Rachael Romero SFPB by Rachael Romero SFPB Int Workers Day by Rachael Romero Picture 2_3 big32-131-251-98-african_activist_archive-a0b3j5-a Decent Housing...Rachael Romero Asylum Hard Times...by Rachael Romero SFPB May Day Art Show, by Rachael Romero May Day, flipper Mime Troupe by Rachael Romero Picture 19 Picture 20 The Mother by Rachael RomeroSFPB Glan b&wpoetry readb When Tyranny is law cc Rachael Romeroc78 P1110194 Picture 17 Paul Robeson..by Rachael Romero SFPB Picture 21 MIR flyer by Rachael Romero Cold War by Rachael Romero SFPB 3453067 mother jones  SFPB Posters, All Rights Reserveddesigned by Rach glan_2 Picture 22 Plukem by Rachael Romero, SFPB SFPB poster (c) Rachael RomeroAll rights Reserved4 by Rachael Romero, SFPB How can the sky endure City Lights Flyer 2 by Rachael Romero

Travelling exhibit of prints by Rachael Romero.


seen here installed at KCP Gallery, Hawke Centre, South Australia Uni


P1150255 ENSLAVED in a Magdalene Laundry, entry to exhibit NY Balance YOUR BRAIN sm 72 Rachael Romero Anima solo by Rachael Romero72 ENSLAVED web Final Evite FULL Mangle dates times Rachael Romero LINOCUT Artists proofs Big Pharma Wants You 5P FLAT 8BIT72 4637460526_297x249.jpg pay attention AMERICA cops are...flat72 11x8.5 LAND RIGHTS 4 72

All posters copyright Rachael Romero

All Rights Reserved

Frida and Diego by Rachael Romero for Rene Yanezsm AAA1 BRAIN DEAD 300 16 c flat reworked lettering AAA heal thyself flatPOster W backgrFAUN W letteri AAA Dick Cheney's UNSPEAKABLE 72smfActs color Whether tis nobler in the mind 5b sm flat You're Bleeding from the Brain-sm flat Single care

Romero documents her struggle in the tangle of "care."

Annals of Medicine USA

BOycoot the Corp Malcom X linocut sm by Rachael Romero1978 sm web-Condemn-the-South-African-Apartheid-...by-Rachael-Romero-SFPB 2 Fight for...International Hotel_W 300dpi Chile-eyes-w-blind-fold-17x22