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In the Shadow of Eden

22 minutes, 2003, 2004

The artist comes to grips with childhood trauma. After she runs away from home she is incarcerated in a Magdalene Laundry. Then she travels the world seeking a new life gradually  transforming her rage into compassion through her art. .

Painting by Laura of her sisters glasses Runnaway child
from In the Shadow of Eden
by Rachael Romero Monique Fagan Smith Painting, photo by Rachael Romero

New York Times Critic's Pick.  

In the Shadow of Eden, 2004,


We Can Make It!         

15 minutes, 2007

Meet an assortment of once-homeless artists as they sing and dance their way through preparations for their fourth art exhibit at the Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, New York.  

Shot and edited by their long-time teacher, the award winning artist and film maker Rachael Romero. It is an intimate document of odd ball talent, perseverance, love and laughter.




Water, Wind and Sky, 

30 minute video loop on DVD

A homeless woman falls asleep in the Japanese wing of the Metropolitan Museum and dreams she is on a lake in the Adirondacks

ZEN MASTER DVD AD Reflection 4


A 19 minute documentary short

portrait of the first generation

American Zen Master John Daido Loori Roshi (1931-2009)

An intimate portrait of one of the early and foremost teachers of Zen Buddhism in the United States. John Daido Loori was the founder and abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery, in Mt Tremper, NY and the founder of the Mountains and Rivers Order.  He received dharma transmission from both the Soto and  Rinzai Orders.  Loori authored more than twenty books on the dharma and was a photographer and nature lover all his life. Before becoming a zen monk Loori served in the U.S. Navy, worked for a number of years as a scientist   His  wife, Rachael Loori Romero made this visual poem in his memory.




In the Shadow of Eden was recently screened at the National Museum Australia, Canbera, Australia

as part of the INSIDE: Life in Childrens Instututions exhibit.


This 2011 short documents the artist's experience as an unconvicted fourteen-year-old sent to "The Pines," Convent of the Good Shepherd Laundry, South Australia. (1941-1974) where girls were forced to work in dangerous prison conditions without pay.

The Mangle Magdalene Laundry by Rachael Romero You may not save my information!72

Visual exploration of TBI.  

1 minute and 44seconds 2014

images by rachael romero, sound by eisho shugetsu sudan, 2014

My head has been through a lot over a lifetime. Violence, car accidents, falls and what do you know a brain tumor growing away for years. Its out now but the TBI is confounding--my next frontier.

A visual exploration of the disorientation of brain trauma after surgery. Of the chant, Eisho writes: "the words are a poem written by the previous abbot of toshoji,[ japan ]...; all about death and change and gratitude being the thing that sustains one through loss,..."

http://youtu.be/VMkFjz0cTqo youtu.be/DBfgd-rPshY youtu.be/ZPfU5lpMfhA