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LINO-CUT in 4 parts by Rachael Romero, wheat-pasted to the window of an unused storefront in the Mission, San Francisco, 1977.  (Then, 1% of the US population controlled 80% of the wealth. Today that 1% controls 99.95%.)

1%in 1978

“graphic strategies that ... enable us to listen to people who have not been heard from before. Feminism is about enabling those voices to be heard.”

-- Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

Decent Housing podter by RRomero75 Street posting, RRomero SFPB POster,NYc P1110435 P1110434 Olga Talamante poster by RRomero ANTI-WW3 billboard painted by Rachael Romero 1977 poster by RRomero SF Bolivian miner poster by RRomero CondemnApartheid by RRomero sfposters P1110402 Jes posting Pluckem at night

JS night posting